Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Games Evaluation

Gcompress 'Traffic'

Ranking: 3.5/5 stars

The Traffic game is a puzzle game where the player must adjust his/her surroundings to create a path for their car to exit. The player must move the surroundings either vertically or horizontally in various and strategic ways training the player's mental problem solving skills.It is a very similar game compared to ‘RUSH,’ which is an online mathematics game. The main similarity is that both RUSH and Traffic operates the same way, as in, how the player interprets the puzzle and solves it.

A positive side to Traffic is that it incorporates its own design rather than completely plagiarising the original game, RUSH. Its design and layout is unique and has a simple feel to it. The colours involved in its design helps differentiates each surrounding and blocks from each other, making it easier for the player to identify a path for the player.

A negative side to Traffic is that it only has 5 levels and a dice button where it jumbles up the surroundings. This weighs the game down in its flexibility and the attention it gets from players due to having a small amount of levels, while RUSH has an amazing 12 levels.

Another factor is that with Traffic, all the levels have the same difficulty and even when the dice is used, the difficulty is still basically the same. However, RUSH has a progressing difficulty as the player advances towards the next level, giving the player more momentum to continue playing the game.

An interesting feature of Traffic is that it only takes up a small consumption of memory and still gives reasonable average graphics quality. It also helps players develop problem solving skills, as they play more and more.

In conclusion, the game has a very good concept and would make players enjoy playing it. Although the attention it pulls soon disperses because the game has an insufficient amount of levels and the same difficulty throughout the levels. With its features of problem solving and its skills in helping players develop their mental skills; Traffic is a perfect game for people around the age group of 10-17, the age where people need to train their mental minds the most.

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  1. I think this is a good evaluation but for someone who has not played RUSH your description of what it involves may not be complete enough