Monday, September 21, 2009

Turtle Art

These past few lessons in Control Technology, we have been doing an activity on a program called Turtle Art which runs on the Sugar Operating System. The activity consisted of making shapes with codes and the Turtle being the guideline. The activity was challenging for me because I've never done any code editing programs such as the Turtle Art before and needed sometime until I eventually got used to the Turtle Art.

One of the parts that I struggled most with was understanding how to use the variables in Turtle Art to make shapes that contain its ration regardless of its size. My teacher and countless friends assisted me to thoroughly understand how variables were or can be used in Turtle Art, or other programs. I finally got the hang of it after a mind blowing 10 minutes and made a shape soon after with the use of variables, the following image represents what I made.

Here is the picture of the shape:

Here are the codes used to make the shape:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Replacing XO icon

These past few lessons my control technology class have been learning how to use the HTML KIT to make svg files. At first I made circles and then progressed onto making files with more versatility involved, of course with the help of my class mates and my teacher's instructional notes.

The goal for starting this topic was to replace/swap the original XO icon in the main interface of the Sugar Operating System with one you make using the HTML KIT.

* Here is a screen shot that I have cropped of the file I made:

After I made my icon, my teacher gave me and my class mates the instructions to replace/swap the icon in the main interface of Sugar. I followed the instructions and with luck, I successfully replaced the original XO icon with my own.

However some of my class mates couldn't replace the icons and some ended up corrupting the usb and needed to get their usbs flashed. On a good note, everyone in my class had fun and had enjoyed the lessons given to do this task.

* The finished product (: